Georgia Republican candidate for governor Michael Williams issued the following statement regarding the NFL.

“I will not be watching the Super Bowl nor any other NFL games until serious changes are made. After watching the disgraceful ‘kneeling’ antics of players during the national anthem and the lack of a policy to combat this, and now the banning of an ad from a veterans organization, I am officially done with the NFL.

“When a simple ad from American Veterans association with the phrase, ‘#PleaseStand’ is too controversial for the NFL, they have become too controversial for me. They have no issue airing left-leaning political ads, but ads related to our veterans and 2nd amendment rights are banned. Georgia’s own Daniel Defense was banned from releasing it’s own ad in 2014 that simply voiced support for veterans and defending your family with a Daniel Defense made product.

“I will go back to the NFL when they come back to our veterans, law enforcement, and the millions of Americans they have ostracized. The over-paid crybabies kneeling during our national anthem no longer deserve my patronage. Without the support of viewers, most of them would be nobodys that couldn’t qualify to be garbage men.”