The issues matter. Other candidates will speak in platitudes without giving real details on the issues - they are afraid of angering the lobbyists and special interests that fund their campaigns. Michael Williams is funding his own campaign with the help of small dollar donors across the state. He is beholden to nobody and unafraid to stand for real conservative reform.

Return To Republican Principles

Georgia has had a Republican Governor for almost 16 years with a Republican controlled House and Senate for over a decade.

Yet we have not passed basic conservative legislation. We have yet to pass Tax Reform, School Choice legislation, Constitutional Carry, Spending Cuts, and many other bedrocks of the Republican Party. This will end under Governor Williams - more results, less talk. No excuses!

Term Limits

Implement term limits for all statewide elected offices. Currently, the Governor is the only term limited office in the state. Our current Lt. Governor has held this office for 12-years.

Power Of The Veto

The ability to veto legislation is one of the most powerful options available to the Governor. Too often, vetoes have been used to block conservative legislation. Michael Williams will use the threat of veto to ensure liberal legislation is not pushed on Georgia citizens. If legislators do not pass a budget with spending reductions recommended by the Governor, it will be vetoed.

No Sanctuary Cities

Stop liberal cities from implementing this dangerous policy.

Senator Michael Williams teams up with Dog The Bounty Hunter

Law & Order: Law Enforcement Pay Raise

Georgia law enforcement officers are some of the lowest paid in the nation. Mr. Williams teamed up with Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman to bring attention to his legislation to increase the minimum salary for all officers. As Governor, Michael Williams will ensure this becomes law.

Home school laws in Georgia Michael Williams

Improve Homeschooling Laws

Allow home-schooled students access to school athletic programs and facilities. This has been successfully implemented in Florida and can be done here. Home-school parents pay the same school taxes as everyone else and should receive equal services.

Home school laws in Georgia Michael Williams

Stone Mountain & Historical Monuments

One of my Democrat opponents, Stacey Abrams, has called for the defacing of Stone Mountain and the removal of other confederate memorials and statues.

What’s next? Blowing up the Jefferson Memorial or knocking down the Washington Monument? Where does this end? Democrats and the media love drumming up issues like this. It boosts ratings and stirs up racial divide.

Let me make myself clear: I do not support defacing Stone Mountain or any of our monuments and I do not support rewriting Georgia’s history.

All Georgians should reject attempts by the media and my Democrat opponent to incite racial division in this campaign. I will be a governor for all Georgians. It’s time to unite and heal as a nation.

The Georgia FairTax

Eliminate the state income tax and replace it with state sales tax similar to what they have in Florida.

Gun Rights: Constitutional Carry

Ensure this important legislation is signed into law. This will further protect our second amendment rights.

Casino gambling is wrong for Georgia.

Keep Casinos Out Of Georgia

Casino gambling is not right for Georgia. It is now being proposed to “save” the HOPE scholarship. Yet we are currently not collecting over $400 million a year that is owed from the state lottery. The lottery was supposed to contribute 35% of proceeds to HOPE. Currently, HOPE is only receiving approximately 23%. This money will be immediately recovered under Governor Williams.

Religious Freedom

Georgia has tried for several years to pass religious freedom legislation. Mr. Williams will bring all the stakeholders together in order to pass and sign this legislation into law.

100% Pro-Life: Will Support the "Heartbeat bill"

We need a fearless conservative who will fight for the unborn. Michael Williams will support and sign the “Heartbeat Bill” that bans abortions after a heartbeat is detected at 6 to 8 weeks - ultimately, the goal is to ban all abortions. This will be the strongest pro-life legislation in the nation. Williams previously proposed this legislation in the State Senate. Unfortunately, Senate President, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, killed the bill.

As governor, Michael Williams will work with the legislature to insure this life-saving legislation becomes law. The other candidates receive their money from lobbyists, special interests, and big corporate, all of which oppose banning abortion. Michael is largely self-funding his campaign and is not beholden to these outside liberal interests. As governor, Michael Williams will fight to make sure the Heartbeat Abortion Ban becomes law. Georgia has been under Republican control for over a decade yet we still allow abortions up to 20-weeks! If the others were going to do something about it, it would have happened long ago.

Agriculture: Reduce Regulations

Work with the Trump administration to reduce federal regulations that are burdening our farmers. We have a unique opportunity to see great improvements in this area.

School Choice

Grow our school voucher programs and provide additional ways to put parents in charge of their children’s education. Children born in communities with under performing schools should have options. This also increases competition among schools, ultimately improving the quality of education.

Freeze College Tuition Rates

Tuition rates at our state colleges have soared out of control for years. We are at an all-time high yet students are not receiving additional benefits.

287(g) Illegal Deportation Program - Michael Williams

Get Serious About Illegal Immigration

Implement the 287(g) Deportation Program statewide. Counties that refuse to comply will lose state funding. Without 287(g), we have no way of knowing when illegals are committing crimes and being sent back into our communities. If we are going to get serious about this problem, we need 287(g).

We need medical cannabis and in-state cultivation for suffering Georgians.

Medical Cannabis and In-State Cultivation

The fight for medical cannabis oil expansion is extremely personal. My father was a Vietnam War veteran diagnosed with severe bipolar disorder, and would have likely also been diagnosed with PTSD in today’s world. Sadly, when I was 14-years-old, he took his own life. The pain of losing a father to suicide is unbearable. Today, 22 veterans with PTSD will commit suicide. Tomorrow, another 22. PTSD is one of many life threatening conditions that should be eligible for medical cannabis oil.

Georgia’s medical marijuana laws are inadequate at best and criminal at worst. Federal law bars transportation of marijuana across state lines, yet Georgia law prohibits in-state cultivation and distribution. See the problem? Legalized in-state cultivation and distribution will ensure safe access for suffering patients.

We need to get the government out of the doctor’s office. Medical experts agree that cannabis oil is life-saving and improves quality of life for those in need, yet politicians use it to further their own political agendas. It is time we put Georgians first and ignore squabbling lobbyists and special interest groups. We have a wide gap in our laws that I pledge to fill with common sense legislation. Georgia will have heavily regulated in-state cultivation and distribution of medical marijuana and an expanded list of eligible conditions when I am governor.

Keep It Simple: No More Career Politicians. No More Bureaucrats.

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