August 14, 2017 – “We are all shocked and saddened by the acts of domestic terrorism we witnessed in Charlottesville last week. This is not who we are as a nation. I strongly condemn the actions of Vanguard America; their message of white supremacy; and their use of bigotry and hatred to divide our citizens. My condemnation is not limited to Vanguard, but also hateful racists such as Richard Spencer and his followers. It’s a sad day when the mainstream media gives them a platform to spew hate and spread division in this great nation. Now is the time for Americans to stand together and fight against beliefs that undermine our society.

As Christians, God calls on us to love our neighbors as we do ourselves. He does not set conditions upon which neighbors we should love.

Join me in prayer for those who lost their life due to hatred this past week. And for everyone who has suffered at the hands of bigotry. All patriotic citizens must have the strength to stand up to those who wish to divide our nation by racial lines. There is much to be done to heal our nation, our state, and our neighborhoods. That work begins in our hearts and minds.”