AUGUST 4, 2017 – The campaign staff for Republican State Senator Michael Williams’ campaign for Governor is growing. Former Chairman of the Georgia Association of College Republicans, Will Kremer, has joined the team as the Deputy Campaign Manager.

“Georgians from every walk of life are demanding change,” said Williams for Governor spokesman Seth Weathers. “Republicans have controlled our state government for nearly 16 years, yet we have the highest state income tax in the Southeast, we are still asking our supposed Republican lawmakers to support Constitutional Carry, and our children are stuck in failing schools. It’s time for a fearless conservative to take charge. Will Kremer is once again willing to lead the charge on behalf of Michael Williams and we welcome his addition to our campaign.”

Kremer stated, “Our opponents are more familiar with the wants of special interest groups than the needs of hardworking Georgians. They are protected by liberal Atlanta media outlets that mock a bartender for donating $3 to our campaign rather than the many lobbyists that donated $6,600 to our opponents.” He continued, “Michael Williams stands with working-class Georgians instead of corrupt special interests.”

Will Kremer will serve as the Deputy Campaign Manager for the Michael Williams for Governor campaign. Previously, Kremer has worked in the insurance industry, was twice elected as the State Chairman of the Georgia Association of College Republicans, where he mobilized thousands of students in support of Republican candidates. He served as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Michael Williams State Senate campaign in 2014. He is also a contributor to the popular blog, where he offers insight into the happenings of Georgia politics. Kremer resides in Forsyth County with his dog, Paula Millsap.



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