Michael Williams released the following statement on Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed’s race-baiting politics regarding his committee recommendation to remove Confederate statues and rename any street named after Confederate military leaders.

“Mayor Kasim Reed is following the Antifa playbook by using Confederate memorials to stir up racial division for political purposes. Nothing about the committee’s recommendations promote peace. This is nothing more than the far-left trying to score cheap political points.

“Reed’s left-wing committee even recommended the removal of the Peace Monuments which celebrates reconciliation, good will, and optimism. But because the statue does not depict the horrific practice of slavery, it must be racist.

“This issue is larger than Reed’s lame duck circus act. His liberal allies in the Georgia General Assembly have prefiled legislation that would grant Reed and other left-wing mayors power to remove our Confederate statues. Now more than ever, Georgia needs a governor who will put a stop to this.”


Fearless conservative. 


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