Michael Williams, Republican candidate for governor of Georgia, announced Pastor Darrell Scott’s endorsement this afternoon. Dr. Darrell Scott is the founder and senior pastor of New Spirit Revival Church and CEO of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump. Pastor Scott was the keynote speaker in support of Donald Trump’s nomination at the Republican National Convention and also served on the Presidential Transition Executive Team. He was a key surrogate for Donald Trump throughout the campaign. He is a frequent political commentator on Fox News with Sean Hannity, as well as regular appearances on MSNBC, and CNN.

Michael Williams said, “I am honored to have Pastor Darrell Scott’s endorsement. He and I fought side-by-side to send Donald Trump to the White House, and now we are fighting to stop corrupt career politicians. Pastor Darrell is a close confidant to President Trump, his endorsement is a strong indicator to millions of Georgians that I will fight for them, not special interest groups and big corporate.”

Pastor Darrell Scott said, “Michael Williams is the fearless conservative Georgia needs to combat the Democrat Party and their anti-America agenda. President Trump needs allies in state government who will promote the America First agenda and Senator Michael Williams is the only candidate up for the task. Michael was the first Georgia elected official to endorse Donald Trump and the only candidate for governor that supported Mr. Trump during the campaign. He fought next to me and millions of other deplorables in the trenches against Hillary Clinton while establishment career politicians ran away.”

“If you want a candidate owned by liberal companies like Amazon, vote for Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp. If you want to Make America Great Again, vote for Michael Williams. It’s that simple,” Pastor Scott added.