The horrific rape and torture of a young mother in Gwinnett County last weekend reminds us of the dangers of Democrats irresponsible immigration policies. Tough illegal immigration policies must be implemented to correct years of irresponsible federal policy.

“Will Democrats be held accountable for the rape of a mother, in front of her young son by an illegal immigrant?” asked Williams.  He continued, “We know the media will not hold them responsible for their role in creating an environment that allowed this horrific crime to take place. Democrats continually demonize Republicans as pushing grandma off the cliff, yet ignore the dangers of policies that directly contribute to the rape and murder of American citizens. We will make sure they are no longer given a pass. When they oppose the wall, 287(g), and other solutions to crackdown on illegal immigration, we will remind voters of their direct responsibility for horrific crimes such as this.”

Williams added, “When elected Governor, I will immediately begin work to ensure that the 287(g) immigration deportation program is implemented statewide with no exceptions. As Governor, I am going to fight for, and defend the people of Georgia, not illegal immigrants!”

Seth Weathers
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