Coweta County School System released a memo banning all school officials from participating in student led prayer after the Freedom From Religion Foundation complained to East Coweta High School. The complaint came after East Coweta High School football coach, John Small, was seen bowing his head as players prayed before a football game. Republican candidate for governor Michael Williams released the following statement:

“When an out-of-state, anti-Christian organization has more influence on school policy than the parents, it’s time for a change. The liberal Freedom From Religion Foundation has pushed their beliefs on the people of Georgia. Unfortunately, the school superintendent caved to political correctness and has demanded Coach Small no longer bow his head as his players pray before games. The school memo claims that Coach Small cannot ‘…join hands, bow their heads, take a knee or commit another act that otherwise manifests approval with the students’ religious exercise…’

“We believe these things only happen elsewhere, not in Georgia. We have to face the fact that this is happening across the nation. We have to stand and fight this at every step. The far-left is attempting to systematically remove any mention of Christianity from society. Coach Small’s personal religious beliefs are protected by the Constitution. The school has violated his rights in their quest for political correctness.”

“The Coweta County School System should immediately reverse these unconstitutional demands. I will be following this closely and will take action to place pressure on the school system. I firmly support Coach Small and encourage him to stand strong in the face of intimidation based on his religious beliefs. The people of Georgia are with him!”


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