Williams to hold protest at Cherokee Co. High School demanding removal of teacher who kicked students out of class for wearing Make America Great Again shirts

SEPTEMBER 18, 2017 – Republican candidate for governor Michael Williams will hold a protest at River Ridge High School in Cherokee County due to the administration’s refusal to fire liberal activist teacher, Lyn Orletsky. Orletsky was caught on video comparing “Make America Great Again” shirts worn by two students to Nazi swastikas. She berated the students in front of the class before kicking them out. Liberal activists across the country are on a mission to silence conservatives on college campuses, places of employment, and community forums. Now they are taking their fight against free speech to Georgia public high schools.

Michael Williams stated, “ANTIFA is mobilizing in the streets to suppress free speech they deem unacceptable. Now students in public schools are forced to adhere to the same demands. Lyn Orletsky, and other liberal activist teachers, I’m putting you on notice: If you suppress free speech in the classroom, you will hear from me and many citizens until you are fired or resign. The First Amendment will not be destroyed in Georgia!”

Williams added, “Principal Darrell Herring is supporting the suppression of free speech by refusing to publicly address and fire this out of control teacher. He has placed political correctness above his students’.”

He continued, “The school attempted to deceive the people of Georgia with claims the teacher had been ‘removed’ from the classroom. I’ve now learned she is simply being moved to a new classroom of children to discriminate against. She must be fired and immediately. No other resolution is acceptable. Had this been about Hillary, ANTIFA would have already burned the school down.”


River Ridge High School
400 Arnold Mill Road, Woodstock, GA 30188
(We will meet at the River Ridge High School sign in front of the school building).

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 12 PM


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