Conservative businessman and Republican candidate for governor, Senator Michael Williams released the following statement on Casey Cagle’s opposition to Constitutional Carry. Yesterday, Cagle shockingly admitted to 11Alive News that he opposes Constitutional Carry and any other legislation that expands gun rights in Georgia.

“It seems every day another one of my fake conservative opponents slips up and tells the truth. Just one week after duping the NRA into believing he supported gun rights, Casey finally admitted he opposes Constitutional Carry, a basic gun right provided by the Constitution. Regular Georgians don’t have taxpayer funded armed security guards by our side every day like Casey. The 2nd Amendment is our security. When I’m governor, I will sign Constitutional Carry into law, expand gun rights, and allow law-abiding citizens to use their constitutional rights without government intrusion or permission.”

Yesterday, Casey Cagle told 11Alive’s Doug Richards that he opposes Constitutional Carry and that he doesn’t know any areas where gun rights need to be expanded in Georgia. You can read the interview HERE.

Republican Senator Michael Williams has co-sponsored and authored Constitutional Carry legislation in the Georgia State Senate multiple times over the last 4 years.