OCTOBER 12, 2017 – In an incredible display of unethical reporting, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported a “leaked” poll from the discredited polling firm, McLaughlin & Associates. Kevin Riley (AJC editor) should be embarrassed for his newspaper, his staff, and his team for publishing such a dishonest story.

“The AJC has a credibility problem. This is not new; their only ‘conservative’ opinion writer is an anti-Trump member of the establishment,” said Williams adviser Seth Weathers. “By publishing Campaign Casey’s fake poll from a discredited pollster, the AJC became a campaign arm of the Cagle camp and the establishment.”

“Not only did the AJC publish a fake poll, they failed to mention the poll was bought and paid for by the Cagle campaign! The polling firm, McLaughlin & Associates, has the worst track record in the polling industry. This is the same firm that predicted establishment politician Eric Cantor would win reelection, instead, their polling was off by a mind-blowing 46%. They were also the winner of the single most incorrect poll of the year in New York’s 6th Congressional District, where they were a whopping 34 points off on their poll numbers. Another notoriously incorrect poll is their 2012 presidential polls which showed Mitt Romney with a commanding 7-point lead. And let’s not forget they told Georgians Jack Kingston would defeat businessman David Perdue. We all know how that turned out,” continued Weathers.

“To top it off, the idiots who put together this fake poll, released it stamped with a date in the future, (October 23, 2017) - you can’t make this stuff up! The AJC literally published results for a “poll” that is not to be conducted for another 10 days. After Campaign Casey’s spanking in Sunday nights debate, they decide they would release their pretend poll sooner than planned. My 5 year-old does a better job changing the grades on his report card. The AJC must apologize for publishing a made-up poll, retract the article, and explain to their readers that McLaughlin & Associates is a discredited polling firm whose numbers don’t belong on the pages of any respectable newspaper,” added Weathers.