Today, Michael Williams responded to an insidious lie peddled by the special interest group National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) and gleefully reported as fact by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) without fact-checking with both parties. 

Last Tuesday, while each of Michael Williams’ opponents — Republican and Democrat  — attended a “bow-and-kiss-the-lobbyist-ring” forum hosted by the NFIB and sponsored by five other special interest groups, Michael Williams was in Floyd County speaking to the Rome, Georgia Tea Party. When a reporter from the AJC asked the forum’s organizer why Williams was not present, the NFIB organizer said Williams was not invited despite having sent Williams an invitation on March 7, 2018. Lobbyists are so scared of losing control of Georgia that they are pushing lies to sow seeds of doubt about Williams’ candidacy. Instead of telling the truth, they used this as an opportunity to malign Michael Williams’ grassroots campaign.

“Georgians are sick and tired of lobbyists and special interests peddling lies to push their agendas and the media that is happy to oblige by spreading these lies. They lie to you, me, and everyone who will listen. NFIB couldn’t believe I would rather meet with conservatives in northwest Georgia than kiss their rings in downtown Atlanta like my bought-and-paid-for opponents, so they decided to lie about why I refused to attend. Georgians see through their lies. Unfortunately, the AJC is too busy pushing its liberal agenda to fact-check.”

Please click the link below to view the March 7th invitation.

Michael Williams is the only candidate for governor refusing to accept lobbyist and special interest contributions. He is primarily self-funding his campaign with help from small-dollar donors across Georgia. He has received more small-dollar donors than any other candidate in the race.