Republican Michael Williams called on fellow candidate for governor, Clay Tippins to disavow pro-illegal immigration advocate, Lobbyist Haley Barbour. Lobbyist Barbour is hosting a $20,000 per plate fundraiser for Tippins later this month. In 2001, Lobbyist Barbour was employed by the Mexican government to lobby for legislation that provided mass amnesty for illegal aliens. Lobbyist Barbour reaffirmed his long-held support for amnesty in 2012 when he said, “we need to recognize we’re not going to deport 12 million people and we shouldn’t.”

“My mom always said, ‘you are the company you keep.’  Clay Tippins is proud to fly-in his high priced, pro-amnesty lobbyist from the swamp to headline a fundraiser for his moderate campaign. Lobbyist Barbour’s place on Mexico’s payroll and long record of supporting amnesty should raise red flags for conservatives.

“It becomes obvious to conservatives that Clay Tippins is really ‘Pay to Play Clay’ when he chooses a pro-amnesty lobbyist for Mexico to headline his political fundraiser. ‘Pay to Play Clay’ and his buddies at the Mexican embassy are fighting against President Trump’s America First agenda. Maybe this is why he wouldn’t support Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton? I’m formally calling for him to disavow Lobbyist Barbour’s support and his pro-amnesty policies.”