Senator Michael Williams, Republican candidate for governor, issued the following response to CNN’s Brianna Keilar.

“Yesterday, I went on CNN to discuss my opposition to Lt. Governor Casey Cagle’s crony capitalism and government handout to Delta. Brianna Keilar had her own agenda. When I mentioned Delta’s history of supporting left-wing organizations that donate to abortion provider Planned Parenthood, Keilar rushed to their defense. My since repeated attempts to discuss my source for this claim on air with Keilar has been refused. She is more interested in pushing her false narrative.

“The truth is worse than I thought, instead of simply providing a discount, Delta is directly partnering with and financially donating to organizations that fund abortion provider Planned Parenthood. A quick Google search reveals Planned Parenthood receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from Delta partner Susan G. Komen. It’s as simple as that. Has Delta cut their ties with the Susan G. Komen Foundation like they did the NRA?

“But it’s so much worse than that. Delta is a founding member of Georgia Prospers, an anti-Religious Freedom organization founded to halt progress on protecting people of faith in Georgia. Delta also funds the Hispanic Federation which promotes illegal immigration and sanctuary cities.

“My original point is clear. Delta has no problem supporting left-wing organizations and abortion advocates, while they cut ties with 2nd Amendment Rights advocates. That’s not neutral! I look forward to Brianna Keilar explaining the truth to her viewers.”