Senator Michael Williams, Republican candidate for governor of Georgia, announced his school security proposal, aimed at providing teachers and administrators the necessary training to protect students and faculty in the event of a school shooting. This will be used as an outline for legislation to accomplish the intended purposes described below.

Senator Michael Williams’ school security proposal:

  • Establishes a teacher-to-student ratio that determines the number of eligible teachers and administrators at each school who may receive authorization to conceal carry in the classroom.
  • Requires teachers who seek eligibility to conceal carry in the classroom to maintain a Georgia concealed carry permit and to complete the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) certification. State money will be allocated that can be used to reimburse faculty that complete the certification.
  • Preserves an environment conducive to learning and academic achievement by requiring all teachers and administrators in possession of a concealed firearm to wear standard work attire that does not indicate they are in possession of a firearm.
  • Requires each school to place a plain-clothed, armed security guard at every building entrance that remains unlocked during school hours. State money will be allocated that can be used to fund additional officers needed to meet this requirement.
  • Creates a monthly stipend for teachers and administrators designated by the school to conceal carry. 

“When I was growing up, my mom served our community as a special education teacher. She understood that she was more than a teacher – she was also a guardian and a protector. That’s still true today. Teachers like my mom need training and ability to protect students if a nightmare scenario becomes a reality,” said Senator Michael Williams.

“While lawmakers and pundits in Washington D.C. debate gun control, Georgia has an opportunity to set the standard for student safety. My common sense school security proposal builds on existing school procedure. Georgia teachers who agree to serve as coaches receive monthly stipends of $150 to $400, and even more in some schools. If Georgia can pay teachers to coach tennis, then Georgia can pay eligible teachers a stipend to protect the lives of our children,” Williams added.

“It’s time for Georgia to have a candid discussion about school safety. We provide adequate armed security for public parades, the State Capitol, public transportation hubs and many other venues. How can we fail to properly provide for the safety of our students? In today’s world, this discussion cannot come soon enough,” said Williams.


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