Republican candidate for governor Michael Williams called on Georgia to eliminate the state income tax on active duty and retired military servicemembers. Georgia is the only state in the Southeast that offers no state income tax benefits to Georgians who have put their lives on the line fighting radical Islamic terrorists and keeping us safe at home and abroad.

Williams stated, “On a list of many harmful taxes our state levies against Georgians, our state income tax on active duty and retired military pay stands out as especially wrong. I’m sure my opponents will quickly claim to support this, as they do many of our proposals to help the citizens of Georgia. However, I question why they have not corrected this during their many years in office?”

“While we may receive positive lip service, we know the establishment of both parties will fight this at every turn. Eliminating Georgia’s income tax for everyone is a top priority for my campaign. A sensible place to start is with military pay,” said Williams.  He continued, “Establishment Republicans are already making the case for keeping our state income tax. Those same establishment Republicans give tax breaks to big corporate when their high-priced lobbyists come calling. They have hundreds of millions for sports teams and others, yet we don’t have enough for our servicemembers?”

Georgia is the only state in the Southeast with no state income tax benefits for active duty and retired military. Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas do not tax income on active duty servicemembers and offer benefits on retired military income. North Carolina, South Carolina, and Louisiana offer tax deductions on retired military income.