Yesterday, Georgia Gun Owners, one of the largest gun rights organizations in Georgia, released a video of Hunter Hill speaking at a candidate forum hosted by the State Bar of Georgia on February 23rd. In the video, Hunter Hill states he would support additional gun control by raising the minimum age to purchase firearms to 21 from the current age of 18. 

In light of the video, Senator Michael Williams challenged Hunter Hill to explain his ever-changing views on gun control. Williams issued the following statement.


“Hunter Hill’s position on gun control is all over the place. One day Hunter claims to support Constitutional Carry and the next day he echoes Democrat Stacey Abrams’ call for gun control. His fake conservative campaign is becoming more obvious each day. Georgia conservatives will not be tricked by his phony statements.
“Hunter, voters deserve the truth. Why has the NRA consistently refused to endorse you? Why did the NRA give your voting record a ‘C’ grade? Why were you one of only two Georgia Republican incumbents the NRA refused to endorse in 2016? Why did you water-down HB 875, a bill that would have expanded gun rights for Georgians? Stop the phony campaign talk and be honest with Georgians.
“As Election Day nears, Republicans need to weed out fake conservatives like Hunter Hill and rally behind a conservative candidate. We must be united to defeat the moderate establishment candidate, Casey Cagle. Cagle’s ‘Lobbyist First’ agenda is bad for gun rights and bad for all Georgians.”
Michael Williams is proud of his “A” rating from the NRA and will continue to fight for Constitutional Carry while defending the Second Amendment.

Watch the video released by Georgia Gun Owners:

Watch the full unedited video (beginning at 28:30)

Fearless conservative. 


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