AUGUST 8, 2017 – The U.S. Justice Department has announced that deportations of illegal immigrants has increased by 31 percent nationally and 75 percent in the Atlanta area. Once again, President Trump is delivering on his campaign promises.

Michael Williams stated, “this is one of the many reasons why I became the first elected official in Georgia to support Donald Trump for president.  This refutes those who claim the Trump administration is not accomplishing his agenda.” Williams continued, “President Trump is fulfilling his promises, just as I knew he would. He is making incredible progress while at the same time having to fight off Congressional Democrats and Republicans, and an out of control media that is determined to destroy him. I am really sick of Republican leaders who continue to be half-hearted in their support for the President!”

While other Republicans in the race for Governor sat by silently, Michael was traveling across the state and nation working hard to elect Donald Trump. We finally have someone fighting hard to keep their campaign promises. Georgia needs a leader who will work with the President to further his America First agenda. Michael Williams is ready to bring the same vim and vigor to Georgia as your next governor.

Williams campaign spokesman Seth Weathers added, “Leadership is the ability to go against the grain of social pressures to fight for what you know to be right and true. Michael did this in the 2016 election and will do it again. His opponents were weak, and caved to the social pressure of the political elite – and they will again. And again. And again.”

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