Senator Michael Williams, a Republican candidate for governor, released the following statement on the death of Atlanta native and Indiana Colts player Edwin Jackson and Uber driver Jeffrey Monroe at the intoxicated hands of twice-deported illegal, Manuel Orrego-Savala.

“Today we mourn the loss of one of our own. Georgia native and Indianapolis Colts player Edwin Jackson, a three-year football team captain at Westlake High School and Georgia state champion in wrestling, lost his life when an intoxicated and twice-deported illegal slammed his car into Jackson’s Uber. The driver, Jeffrey Monroe, was also tragically killed.

“Every murder, every rape, and every crime committed by an illegal against an American citizen is enabled by Democrats like Stacey Abrams. This may seem harsh, but the facts are obvious. Democrats like Stacey Abrams fight against the border wall and other means to keep illegals out of our country. They block efforts to keep citizens safe, making them complicit in each crime committed by an illegal. It’s that simple.

“I am the only candidate who will not only ban sanctuary cities, but also have a plan to capture and deport dangerous illegals like Manuel Orrego-Savala. My opponents only offer more cheap political talk. When I am elected governor, I will implement the 287(g) illegal immigrant deportation program statewide.