In response to complaints against Georgia schools by the radical anti-Christian, Freedom From Religion Foundation, Senator Michael Williams, Republican candidate for governor, filed the Coach Small Religious Protection Act (SB 361).

Three complaints have been filed against Georgia schools by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. In Coweta County, high school football coach John Small was targeted for bowing his head during a student led prayer before games. Two Catoosa County high schools were also targeted. One complaint was filed against Heritage High School for partnering with Nicamerican Missions to send students to build a school in impoverished Nicaragua and another was filed against Ringgold High School for allowing students to create crosses for the county’s Festival of Flags celebration.

Williams stated, “Religious Liberty is the bedrock of our nation, yet an out-of-state radical anti-Christian organization is forcing their secular values on Georgia students. This is a much needed protection for Georgia faculty members and students who incorporate their religious beliefs into their daily lives. The Supreme Court has held for over 50 years that religious beliefs don’t end in the school parking lot.”

Cole Muzio, Executive Director and President of Family Policy Alliance of Georgia said, “Every student and faculty member should have the right to exercise their First Amendment rights without fear of bullying from radical atheist groups. I am thankful that Senator Michael Williams has stepped forward to protect the First Amendment rights of all Georgians and affirm that our schools should be a place where those freedoms are taught, honored, and no longer vilified and banned. My hope is that our legislators in the Gold Dome will unite to pass this common sense legislation”

Academic freedom derives from the right to free speech under the First Amendment, which also guarantees the right to free exercise of religion. The out-of-state radical anti-Christian Freedom From Religion Foundation expects Georgia to roll over and submit to their left-wing demands. The Georgia General Assembly will send a strong message about Georgia values when it passes the Coach Small Religious Protection Act.


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