“This is a huge victory for Team Williams.  Michael Williams led supporters in a protest at the school demanding she be fired, bringing needed media attention to an issue that was being swept under the rug.

This morning, Williams sent an email asking supporters to join him in another protest this Thursday at the school board meeting. He made clear he was not going to allow the situation to be forgotten. Only hours after his email, the teacher submitted her resignation. Once again, proving he is a man of more results, and less talk.

The other candidates for governor, out of fear of being politically incorrect, remained silent on this issue. Yet Michael Williams stood up for the students whose rights were taken from them.

He wishes the best for the teacher, and hopes she will think twice before comparing all Trump supporters to neo-Nazi’s in the future.

We would also like to thank Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA for being the first to break this story with the undercover video.”

-Seth Weathers
Chief Strategist
Michael Williams for Governor