Republican candidate for governor Michael Williams released the following statement in response to Lt. Governor Casey Cagle’s proposed tax increase on Georgia auto insurance rates to fund a much needed law enforcement pay raise. Williams has fought to bring attention to the 3,200 Georgia law enforcement officers that are currently on food stamps, and has legislation that would do so without raising taxes.

“Campaign Casey is officially off his rocker. He convened a ‘task force’ of career politicians with the exception of a handful of law enforcement officers he tacked on for political cover to propose massive tax increases. He wasted months holding ‘task force meetings’ and thousands of taxpayer dollars spent only to conclude we should raise taxes on struggling Georgia families. His proposal even raises taxes on the very law enforcement officers he claims to be helping by raising their family auto insurance rates, allowing new Local Option Sales Taxes, and other new regulations and bureaucracy.

Even more reprehensible, his proposal does not guarantee law enforcement officers would receive a penny from the new proposed taxes! As a CPA, I am blown away. As someone fighting to give these struggling families the help they need, I’m disgusted. We’re 5 days away from Christmas and we have 3,200 law enforcement officers on food stamps, many with no way to afford the BB gun or the doll house they desperately want to give their children on Christmas morning. What the hell are we doing if we don’t fix this immediately - no strings attached! These are real families that should not be jerked around for Campaign Casey’s latest quest for higher office.

“I am sick of Casey’s stupid political games. He killed my conservative bill to increase law enforcement pay that would not raise taxes on a single person because he’s running against me for governor. The ‘political’ world is driving me nuts right now, but this will change when I’m elected governor. No more games. No more time wasted on ‘task forces’ that come up with new ways to tax and regulate our citizens. And no more Campaign Casey Cagle.

“I had no idea part of running for governor would include telling the sitting ‘Republican’ Lt. Governor not to raise our taxes. While President Trump is lowering taxes on the national level, Campaign Casey is trying to raise our state taxes! I clearly see why Campaign Casey would not support President Trump during the election.”


Fearless conservative. 


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